Journalist, writer, traveler…

With degrees in both modern literature and computer science, I chose to become a journalist as the best compromise between the engineering and writing professions. After stints with Industrie & Techniques and 01 Informatique, I chose the freelance path. I now write for national publications and web media on a variety of general topics with an economic focus (Les EchosLa TribuneThe Good LifeL’ExpressLe Monde),  as well as for specialized press (Usine Nouvelle, ElectroniquesL’InformaticienParis Tech ReviewLeMagITPolytechnique Insights).

Trilingual (French, Italian, English) I’ve reported from the USA, India, Israel, Russia, South Africa and numerous European countries.

Drawing from my wide range of interests, I’ve enjoyed writing about digital technology, its innovations and economic effects, about start-ups and cybersecurity.  But I also write about corporate management, human resources, the environment, industry, education, space technology, etc. Put simply, subjects that pique my curiosity and that mark our daily lives.

I’m a member of the AJSPI (Association of Scientific Journalists), AJEF (Association of Economic Journalists) and auditor at the IHEST (Institute for Advanced Studies of Science and Technology).

There’s more to life than writing, and yet…

I love traveling through books and stories, but physical travel to countries and landscapes helps keep me attuned to the world we live in through its diversity and many contrasts. I love cities as much as the countryside, but it’s in the expanse of the desert, an ocean, the skies and mountains where I feel most alive. 

Insatiably curious and with a thirst for learning and experiencing new “sensations,” I continue to refine old skills and develop new ones: paragliding, embroidery, the double bass, yoga, foreign languages, golf, …and most recently, realizing one of my long-held dreams, learning to fly a plane.

« Fais de ta vie un rêve, et de ton rêve, une réalité ! », Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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